Drone View: Fanny Ranch – 100 acres of the 300 acre ranch

It began in the mid 60s when an electrical contractor from Louisiana, P. D. Lambert, Jr., purchased an old 300 acre Sugar Cane Plantation – Belair Fanny Plantation, for farming, hunting, fishing, and raising cattle. After clearing land, building barns, fencing pastures, and purchasing Charolais cattle, P. D. renamed his farm “Fanny Ranch”.

Still enjoying living off the land, with all the great hunting and fishing surrounding Fanny Ranch, the next generation of Lamberts would welcome the 80s. The Lamberts transitioned from cattle to citrus and crawfish farming. With 3000 citrus trees and 200 acre crawfish ponds, the Lamberts were delivering all over southeast Louisiana.

The 90s would bring overnight lodging, and Chartered Fishing, compliments of Captain Dan Lambert. While continuing farming the land, the Lamberts continued to harvest citrus and crawfish.

2005, with Hurricane Katrina, and again in 2012 with Hurricane Isaac, crawfish and citrus would end.

With so much love and determination, the next generation of Lamberts would work tirelessly and diligently to bring Fanny Ranch back to it’s original life – cattle ranching, farming, crawfishing, citrus growing, and now, introducing “The Fanny Ranch Hunting & Fishing Lodge”.

Fanny Ranch Hunting & Fishing Lodge (including AB&B) welcomes you to enjoy your lodging, with all the beauty of surrounding live oaks, Mississippi River traffic and views, along with the view of live cattle and horses.

We truly hope that you enjoy your stay with us. Of course, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so please tell all your family and friends about us.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Lambert

Contact Info: Phone (504) 278-0060 or Email: fannyranchlodge@yahoo.com